Wedding timing: the complete guide

11/28/2016 - 20:50
Wedding timing: the complete guide

Sophisticated and precise timing is the success of your wedding. How long does it take for each phase of the day, without the hustle and bustle? Read our article!

  • Gathering of the bride: 2 hours

The wedding day begins with morning duties, and whether you want to have enough time to keep the allotted things to do, depend on all subsequent stages of the celebration. Do not underestimate the amount of time that will take to make bridal makeup and hair, even if you plan to create the most natural way - it is better to stand for 20 minutes early than to be late for your own ceremony! Lay in the timing of the possible delay make-up artist and stylist for 10-15 minutes and do not forget the photo session: the fact to make several portraits of the bride and bridegroom before the meeting, will take some time too. If your morning will be held in the company of friends, take 15-20 minutes, plus another 10 minutes for a glass of champagne and make a couple of memorable photos.

  • Honeymoon Photoshoot: 1-1.5 hours

The last thing that bride and groom should be thinking about during a wedding photo shoot is that they may have a lack of time for registration. So at least 1 hour for shooting: don’t rush to do any conceived frames and simply enjoy the moment. Add to this the time that you need to get to the shooting location, and from this point - to the ceremony venue.

Lunch and ceremony visiting

  • Dinner: 1:00

Dinner - this is not just a light snack and a tiny cocktail, but also an opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with each other. Allow 40-60 minutes to ensure that they were able to talk in a relaxed atmosphere, but do not tighten the buffet so they do not have time to get hungry and bored. Use this time to greet all the guests and make a group photo. Let the photographer about 10-15 minutes trying to shoot a wedding arch, a ballroom, and individual elements of the decor to the guests take their seats.

  • Visiting ceremony: from 30 minutes to 1 hour

Duration of the ceremony is largely dependent on its size, but on average, 5 minutes should be given to ensure that the guests took their places, 10 minutes for the groom and the bride's output, yet it will take 10 minutes registrar and your wedding vows. If registration is a separate output for the groomsmen and bridesmaids, it should also be taken into account when drawing up the timing. The exchange of rings can also take some time, especially if the decorations you will apply a small child. Thus, the optimal time to fully enjoy the ceremony is about 30-40 minutes. Another 10-15 minutes to pull the congratulations after the event. If the location of the ceremony and banquet are in different cities or country, do not forget to make the timing of the day in the time that you spend on travel (subject to traffic).

Dinner, sunset and entertainment

  • Wedding dinner: 1.5-2 hours

In the first few hours of the banquet, guests should not plan active competitions, dances, and performances. Give guests time to enjoy good food and fellowship, and say a toast to the newlyweds. Too long toast can tire the guests, so be forewarned driving that each question is given no more than 5 minutes.

  • Photo shoot at sunset: 10 minutes

If the weather allows, leave guests for a few minutes and together with the photographer go to meet the sunset. Light at this time is especially beautiful, and the pictures will be just magical! You and the groom will be able to escape from the wedding of trouble and just enjoy the moment, "here and now".

  • Entertainment program: 2 hours

Make sure that the artists are ready for action, and invite guests on the dance floor! Plan the evening's program is strictly by the minute rather difficult, but you should calculate in advance how much time will take entertainment and competitions for the guests to the feast was full of events, but it has not turned out lengthy.