Wedding Bed: 6 Tips for Couples

11/28/2016 - 20:49
Wedding Bed: 6 Tips for Couples

If you want to run away from everyone and arrange a romantic wedding only for two – it’s ok, why not? But even if you have chosen the format of such a celebration, this fact does not mean that you have to give up in a memorable holiday! For information about organization of such event, read our article.

  • Etiquette

Often the decision to "escape" together to arrange a private wedding, the newlyweds take spontaneously and simply forget to inform about this important event to their loved ones. You do not have to arrange a magnificent holiday, but warn your family and friends about the upcoming wedding will not be superfluous. Arrange warm family dinner in honor of the engagement, so that will not harm anybody.

  • Registration

Whatever romantic wedding with guests or just for two, you still have to solve some organizational issues. For example, if you want to have a wedding during the week, specify in advance if selected registrar works in the desired day. And if you are planning your wedding abroad, keep in mind that each country has its own rules for marriage registration. Most likely, you will have to collect the full set of documents (passport, birth certificate, certificate of marital status, etc.). And when you return home your wedding certificate to be legalized in country you need - it can take from 1 to 6 months.

What about the money and concept?

  • Budget

Not every couple has the financial capacity to organize the reception of several dozen guests, and in this case, a wedding for two becomes a perfect solution. But it is not necessary to save on holiday and indulge in everything: if you don’t want to organize a banquet, you can afford to visit the most luxurious restaurant on this day, arrange an unforgettable photo session or immediately after the registration of a trip of your dreams.

  • The Concept

Perhaps the most important advantage of such a wedding format is that you can choose absolutely any style and space for shooting. Arrange a walk on the roofs, to go on a picnic, to organize a gala dinner in the forest, hot air balloon rides - even a chamber festival can be remembered to you for a lifetime, if that day you will realize your fondest dreams!

Images of bride and the end of wedding

  • The images of the bride and groom

Wedding for Two allows the newlyweds to forget about such attributes as the usual wedding corset, veil, heels or black tuxedo. But when choosing outfits do not forget that this is not just a holiday, but your wedding: it is not necessary to wear jeans and T-shirts. Choose a light dress flying light-colored or white flirty sundress, dress directly on the floor in a minimalist style or top with a fluffy skirt - it all depends on your tastes and holiday themes. The same applies to the groom: a stylish shirt and trousers with suspenders, vest or nonclassical jacket - let his look will not be too official and thus a distinct addition to the bride's attire. And, of course, do not forget about the bride's bouquet - it will complement your image and underline the festive mood.

  • After the wedding

A nice gesture on the part of newlyweds who had organized the wedding alone, will be organizing a party for close friends and relatives. It can be a dinner at a nice restaurant or a cozy evening in the country. You do not have to think of the entertainment program, just turn on some good music, light the candles and arrange evening intimate conversations. Plan a party is best for the coming weekend after registration.