How to make a wedding really comfortable: the important accents

11/28/2016 - 20:47
How to make a wedding really comfortable: the important accents

…and a big event for a hundred guests and the triumph of chamber surrounded by only the most friends and relatives. Any wedding can be comfortable, fun and memorable, if taken into account in the preparation of our advice First of all, let’s talk about the chamber Wedding: up to 50 guests.

  • Family comfort

If invited people on your wedding are only family members and close friends, emphasize the seclusion and intimacy of a holiday, create a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere. Organize a celebration in the family dinner format, when all the guests and the couples sitting at a long table surrounded by warm candlelight. Calm music, a relaxed atmosphere, and intimate conversations - this is something that will make your holiday unforgettable!

  • Unique touches

If your guest list is small, there are some elements of decoration or printing that you can do by yourself, emphasizing the uniqueness of the event and to please your loved ones. For example, photos of guests can be used as the seating cards, and to write invitations by hand. A jar of homemade jam or sweets made by bride will be excellent complement.

Triumph for 50-100 guests

  • Unusual placement

Choose your placement creatively. Invite guests to your favorite restaurant, to remove a country house on a weekend or arrange a ceremony on the beach. Have you always dreamed of a wedding in an ancient Italian villa? Invite to a most intimate friends and family and hit the road!

  • Emphasis on quality

A small wedding allows you to save and not a little treat yourself and your guests. Surprise them, for example, unusual menu or expensive champagne, gourmet serving or chic wedding cake. And it is possible to focus on the entertainment program, inviting favorite band or staging open-air cinema.

  • Your friends can help

The organizations receiving 50 or more people you cannot do without extra help. Of course, your main assistant will be the organizer, but the bridesmaids and groomsmen can also contribute to your holiday. Ask them to organize a bachelorette party and bachelor party (in a series of pre-wedding hassle the bride and groom can be difficult to identify at this time). And attach to each invitation card, where guests will be able to write to their favorite song so then you will make your wedding playlist.

Let’s talk about food

  • Cocktail reception before the ceremony

The more guests at the wedding, the more likely that someone will be late for the ceremony. To avoid this situation, arrange a reception prior to registration: to offer guests refreshments and drinks, including light music and let them get to know each other in an informal setting. And if someone is still late, he will not miss all the most important.

  • Emphasis on the menu

At weddings, the average size of the times it is necessary to economize on the menu, so make the emphasis on quality rather than quantity of food. You groom love Italian food? Offer guests a spaghetti or pizza. Or arrange a themed dinner, for example, vegetarian or oriental notes. And the burgers are ideal for today's youth wedding - and tasty, and satisfying, and inexpensive.

  • Large playground

It is important that the guests were not close to the wedding site. Beforehand, make sure that there is enough space between the tables, and the dance floor will be able to accommodate everyone. During warmer months, be sure to contemplate relax zone and active entertainment on the street. And if the wedding is held indoors, it must necessarily be equipped with air conditioning.

  • Pay attention to guests

Even if you do not have to personally greet all those present, try to make every guest feel special and welcome. Welcome basket for those who came to the wedding from afar, a glass of champagne for each guest in the Welcome area and compliments as small souvenirs with the symbols of weddings perfectly cope with this task!