5 Useful advices for winter wedding

11/28/2016 - 20:52
5 Useful advices for winter wedding

We are confident that winter with its fluffy snow, stunning scenery and a unique cozy atmosphere is a perfect for wedding season. In this article, we have compiled a few tips to help make your winter wedding a truly magical!

1. Site selection

The most important thing to look for when choosing a venue for a wedding in the winter is warm and light. The room should be well heated, but it should not be too stuffy or hot, so all the guests were comfortable on wedding. It gets dark very early in winter and almost the entire festival will be held under artificial light, so it is important to pick up that option, which will create the necessary atmosphere. When choosing a chandelier, garlands and lights, talk with the photographer, the light should be sufficient to ensure that the picture quality is not affected.

Good options for not frosty winter will suburban area with a warm and cozy cottage for a banquet and an open platform for the ceremony area. Leave enough space at the entrance for guests’ mittens, shawls, soft and hot drinks, and do not delay the guest registration because they can freeze and let them fully enjoy your winter fairy tale! But the photo shoot can be made on nature: just do not neglect warm (very warm) clothing and bring your thermos with hot tea.

Dress Code and Color Palette

2. Dress Code

Here you have two polar options. Black Tie dress code emphasizes solemnity of the moment, and will add a touch of elegance and luxury to the celebration. Men in tuxedos, women in long luxurious dresses - let your guests feel at this ball!

A cozy home for a party fit informal outfits - both for guests and for honeymooners. For example, a knitted sweater with deer, warm mittens, hats and other warm accessories fill the wedding unique comfort and configure guests on a warm evening with intimate fireside chats.

3. The color palette

Silver or gold palette perfectly suited for winter weddings: a little shine, flickering candles and snow-white landscape outside the window will create a truly enchanting atmosphere.

Use a white palette with contrasting red - and you get juicy, stylish and gorgeous photos. Also, the color palette of winter perfectly sets with rich colors, such as dark green, burgundy or brown - these colors bring comfort and warmth to the holiday. Use glass and mirrors in the decoration, they will reflect candlelight, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

Christmas is near – be careful!

4. Be careful with Christmas motifs

Even if your holiday is appointed on the eve of Christmas holidays, use themed décor with caution. The temptation to turn on Christmas music, to give guests a set of Christmas decorations and decoration of the room can be large multi-colored garlands, but do not forget that it is your wedding, not the Christmas. Christmas theme may look quite organically, if you use it only in some details, and do not overdo it: for example, decorate the tables with fir branches and clusters of mountain ash, and the nursery card to replace large Christmas balls on which are written the names of the guests.

As compliments you can choose thematic seasonal gifts: balls with snow inside crocheted covers on mugs or warm mittens. You can offer your guests some classic cocktails instead of hot mulled wine or grog on the buffet table.

5. Wedding Photographer

In winter wedding photography has its own technical features, which your photographer should know in advance. How to make photos in the snow gleaming when the sun is not too bright? How to conduct shooting indoors under artificial light? How to save the photos in a warm and welcoming atmosphere of the evening? Before signing the contrast with a specialist, make sure he have experience behind these shootings, and you like the result.