12 yes’s for a wedding

11/28/2016 - 20:46
12 yes’s for a wedding

Today we have prepared for you a list of ideas that you can feel free to say "yes!" during the wedding preparation to make it easy and without undue stress.

  • Trust your intuition. When trying on the most gorgeous dress in the cabin, you feel uncomfortable, and when you look at a seemingly ideal platform, you cannot stop feeling that "something is wrong", play it safe and look at other options. When you find "your look", you will feel it immediately!
  • Invite only those people that you really want to see the wedding. And do not worry that someone will be offended! After all, this is one of the most important days in your life - even if only to be near the most close and native people who are genuinely happy for you.
  • Read the contract before signing it. You should be aware of all operating conditions with the contractor: that part of his duties, the cost of its services, if there any "hidden" fees. Do not hesitate to ask questions and discuss items that you do not understand.
  • Maintain correspondence with contractors and keep it in one place. Best of all, if it is a separate e-mail that you have forged something for the preparation, or a social network. If the conduct correspondence in several messengers, chat rooms and social networks, it is very easy to lose important information.

Wedding is not only a great event, but a great job

  • Do not follow the traditions of the wedding if you do not want. Remember that this is your holiday, and therefore it should not be the words "as necessary" or "well accepted" - just do what you want. You cannot throw the bouquet and garter, hold the wedding morning together and find a lot of alternatives for other wedding traditions.
  • Make decisions together. Your fiancé can not participate in the deliberations of Wedding floristry or color tablecloths if it is not interesting, but the key question of training relating to the search for the venue, the selection of contractors and preparation of the evening's program, that must be solved together.
  • Record everything. It just seems that you do not forget the original idea for the wish book and do not miss the appointment with the organizer of next week. Contact contractors, schedule appointments, your ideas and any other information that concerns the wedding - save all that come in handy during the preparation.
  • Compile mud boards. This is the best way to show contractors how you see your wedding. Get inspired not only the picture from Pinterest, but also the real weddings!

Try to make this moments unforgettable!

  • Learn to accept help. At first look it seems that the preparation is no big deal and you will easily cope with it on your own. In order not to feel overwhelmed to the wedding day, you will definitely need the help of professionals who will take over some of your concerns. And do not forget that close friends and parents, too, they will be pleased to help you and participate in training.
  • Prepare a list of wedding photos for a photographer. Believe me, even if it seems to you that your wishes are clear and professional understands you perfectly, such a list will never be over.
  • Forget about wedding loan. It's no secret that magnificent wedding for a hundred guests in the best restaurant is not a cheap pleasure, and if you cannot financially afford it, consider different more low cost options. But to begin family life with the loan repayment is not the best idea.
  • Delegate arrangements for the wedding day. Even if you feel that you have thought through every detail of the wedding day, be sure to have questions that need attention: the payment of contractors services, conflict resolution, control timing ... Do not be distracted by the holiday, and charge your decision to another person: mother, bridesmaids, or use the services of a wedding coordinator.