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Money Saving Tip: Have An Off-Season Wedding

Did you know that there was such a thing as an off-season wedding? The peak wedding months in most (but not all) locations are May through October, with June and July being very popular. During these months, vendors are able to ask higher prices because they are

Great DIY Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are a frequently overlooked bit of the wedding ceremony. Usually, they’re a simple little thing like a bag of mints or a paper fan, laid out on the tables at the reception, often overlooked by guests and left for the caterers to clean up. With

Unconventional Wedding Centerpieces

Historically, the centerpieces at wedding tables are just bouquets of flowers, either repurposed from the ceremony arrangement or made to match the wedding theme and colors. But when you’re planning your wedding, there are plenty of other options for centerpieces that are just as beautiful and classy,

Straight Talk Wedding Advice

Usually in this space, we provide some gentle advice about your wedding. Maybe we’ll offer up some entertaining pieces of trivia, or talk about traditions, or suggest what you should and shouldn’t delegate to your maid of honor. But this time, for this article only, we’re going

Why Las Vegas Weddings Are So Famous

Las Vegas weddings are famous the world over as it is a very popular place to wed the most special person of your life. Here are 5 reasons as to why Las Vegas weddings have become so popular: End your ‘single’ status in style When your wedding is

Summer Dresses Ideas for Guests to Attend Wedding Parties

Trying to decide what to wear to a wedding can be difficult, but whether you want to buy something new, or wear something you already know, it can be simplified. For example, the best way to determine what’s appropriate to wear to a ceremony will depend on

The Entertainment Portion of Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be a huge undertaking and it is usually a task that most people will need help with.  You could hire a wedding planner to get tips and tricks for making your wedding day run smoothly but if your big day will be a

Paradise Islands that Perfect for Honeymoon

The term “paradise” is used often in reference to holiday destinations, but few live up to these expectations. The one destination that will exceed your expectations, and deliver the true meaning of a holiday paradise, is Mauritius. This island never disappoints, with it’s picturesque landscape and beaches,

Wedding Insurance for Ceremonies Abroad

If you’re thinking of tying the knot abroad, you will be happy to know that you can receive wedding insurance coverage just as easily as you would getting married in the UK. Residents are eligible to purchase a policy for overseas ceremonies at no extra charge. If

The Benefits of Professional Dating before Getting Married

Finding your soul mate on your own can be like finding a needle in a haystack. When you are lonely, and looking for love, dating the wrong people can seem like never ending torture. It doesn’t have to be this way though. Today there are professional dating